Art Exhibits

Art Room

Our Art room features artists from around the world. This year we feature artists from Taiwan and Canada.

Taiwanese Artists:

Wu Shu-Hui:

Born in 1953 in Taiwan, Miss Shu-Hui is a sincere student of the Ancient Asian Art of Calligraphy. Her work reflects her connection to nature and the infinite wonder and wisdom that can be realized through that connection.

Wu Geng-Yin: 

Wu Geng-Yin is a painter that specializes in the characteristic “Light of the Century” style of oil painting. His work depicts scenes from his native land of Taiwan.

Canadian Artist:

Fernand Labelle: 

Fernand Labelle is a renowned Canadian artist and illustrator. His works are featured in many Canadian museums and buildings. His primary subjects are landscapes, seascapes, snow scenes, forests, lakes, and rivers.

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