Connecticut-Asia Cultural Center

The Connecticut-Asia Cultural Center is engaged in the exchange and educational activities of Asian culture. The exhibition hall consists of three floors – each dedicated to one Eastern religious culture. The Taoist culture area is on the first floor, the Confucian culture area is on the second floor, and the Buddhist culture area is on the third floor.   Each of the floors have engaging and interactive displays that allow the visitor to immerse themselves in the time, theme and core tenets of the culture.  All visitors can apply for free membership prior to visiting on our website or apply in person.  Visitors can explore on their own or visit during our daily guided tours.  Individual and group tours are available upon request.

Explore the Mystery of Life

Explore the roots of spiritual thought that has influenced the world. The Connecticut-Asia Cultural Center is designed to reignite the curiosity and passion for discovering the roots of spirituality that exist in all of us.