Connecticut-Asia Cultural Center


The Connecticut-Asia Cultural Center is engaged in the exchange and educational activities of Asian culture. The exhibition hall consists of three floors – each dedicated to one Eastern religious culture. The Taoist culture area is on the first floor, the Confucian culture area is on the second floor, and the Buddhist culture area is on the third floor.   Each of the floors have engaging and interactive displays that allow the visitor to immerse themselves in the time, theme and core tenets of the culture.  

Explore the Mystery of Life

Explore the roots of spiritual thought that has influenced the world. The Connecticut-Asia Cultural Center is designed to reignite the curiosity and passion for discovering the roots of spirituality that exist in all of us.

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Special Announcements

The Connecticut-Asia Cultural Center has special events planned for the 2023 season.  Additionally, 2023 has a whole new art and culture displays in our visiting art area.  And this year we are highlighting the Inca culture with very unique displays. 

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Visiting Dates and Hours

The Connecticut-Asia Cultural Center is open the first weekend of each month from April-November from 10am-4m.  For the specific dates please visit the link below. 

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Buddhist Culture

The objective of Buddhist Culture is to understand thoroughly the true form of life and the universe. They want to cultivate themselves according to Dharma to sever all their worries and sufferings, transcend the cycle of life and death, and attain ultimate emancipation.

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Confucian Culture 

Confucian culture is centered on benevolence, forgiveness, loyalty, and filial piety, and it emphasizes the cultivation and nurturance of Confucian ethics and virtue. It stresses that benevolence and propriety have to complement each other. Confucian teachings focus on morality and ethics in relationships in daily life and emphasize the Five Human Relationships and family morality.

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Taoist Culture 

Taoist Culture takes the ancient Taoist philosophy that Tao created myriad things, “qi” (energy) transformed into the universe, and the world is formed by the unification of Heaven and humans as its foundation. Additionally, Taoism developed a concept that Yin and Yang are mutually interchangeable, which forms the basic belief of Taoism.

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